Makalawena Dolphin Swim & Reef Snorkel Tour

As we pass the green can fronting Honokohau harbor, we start our tour cruising north up the coastline towards Makalawena Beach in search for the Hawaiian spinner dolphins. During the night, a deep sea community of marine life begins to migrate upward and towards the shore. As these riches come within reach, spinner dolphins begin to hunt. By early morning, the spinners regroup. Well-fed, they move once again towards the shelter of the islands. Makalawena Beach is a great area for the Hawaiian spinner dolphins because of its sandy bottom. Mornings are a time of celebration as the members of the school meet up and play together. Lots of affectionate touching and rubbing occurs at this time. Over the next several hours as the dolphins enter a resting state the school tightens up and start to prepare for sleep. Together they rise and fall from the surface until each spinner slips into sleep. The dolphins are not actually unconscious, only parts of their brains are asleep. As the spinners awaken from their rest, some members begin to spin and perform a zigzag pattern. Going airborne, moving out, then quieting down and drifting back toward shores of the Makalawena Beach area. Finally, right before the sun goes down they head offshore for another night of hunting. So called for their high, spinning leaps, Hawaiian spinner dolphins are known as playful, eager bow-riders. In Hawaii, spinners (Nai'a) are called oceanic "Ambassadors of Aloha." Native Hawaiians believed Hawaiian spinner dolphins to be an oceanic tribe with equal rights as human villagers. After swimming with the Hawaiian spinner dolphins we head over to a nearby Manta Ray cleaning station where sometimes we get really lucky and find Manta Rays during the day. We reef snorkel for a while before boarding the ‘’Lealao’’ for a warm shower, fruits, snacks and some drinks to enjoy the scenery as we head back to Honokohau harbor.