Hawaiian Historical Coastline Cruise & Reef Snorkeling Tours

Aloha, welcome to Hawai'i and thank you for choosing Lealaō Ocean Adventures. Our Hawaiian Historical Coastline and Reef Snorkeling Tours starts out at the Honokohau Harbor which is located just south of the Kona International Airport. Like the Hawaiians of old Hawai’i and their ancient double hull canoes, our adventure takes place aboard the "Lealaō", a 2018 custom-built 28' World Cat with a double hull to cut through the water for a smooth and comfortable ride providing us a chance to view Historical sites and share stories of old Hawai'i with our guests along with spectacular views of the Coastline, coves, cliffs and up close encounters with wild sea life such as Dolphins, Manta Rays, Turtles, Whales and many other spectacular views. Check-in takes place just after sunrise giving us a chance to be out on the Ocean early enough to avoid the check-in crowds of larger tour boats giving us a private experience and the opportunity to enjoy our Ocean Adventure in morning calmer waters. The “Lealaō" is also designed with comfortable seating, a bathroom, a warm fresh water shower and rides smooth providing comfort for all ages.

As we pass the green can fronting Honokohau harbor, we start our Hawaiian historical coastline cruise moving south towards Keahuolū shoreline located between Kailua-Kona and Honokohau harbor. Keahuolū is the home of Halepa’o, a beautiful sandy beach protected by the Lili’uokalani Trust created by the Queen to ensure the well being of orphan and destitute Native Hawaiian children and their ‘ohana, in perpetuity. To enjoy Halepa’o at Keahuolū, proof of Hawaiian ethnicity is required. South of Halepa’o is Kamakahonu, once home to Kamehameha the Great who unified all the Islands under one rule and was the founder and first ruler of the kingdom of Hawai’i. ‘Ahu’ena heiau, Kamehameha the Greats personal temple still stands today at the beginning of Oneo Bay. As we cruise the coastline making our way to Kuamo’o, we share historical Hawaiian mo’olelo or stories of old Hawai’i. Mo’olelo like how Kamehameha stopped the 1801 Hualalai Lava flow with strands of his own hair or Kamehameha and the Law of the splintered paddle. After Kamehameha the Greats' death in 1819 his power passed over to his wife and his son Kamehameha II. A disagreement in religion between Queen Ka’ahumanu and Kamehameha the Greats' nephew Kekuaokalani led to war known today as the Battle of Kuamo’o. High Chief Kalanimoku led the war at Kuamo’o representing Ka’ahumanu and Kamehameha II and won the war killing Kekuaokalani, his wife Manono and 300 Hawaiian warriors. Their bones are still there buried under the lava rocks known today as the Kuamo’o/Lekeleke burial grounds. After passing Kuamo’o Bay the coastline changes into beautiful cliff sides towering in some areas up to 100’ feet we explore some coves and look into caves on the shoreline and lava tubes running through the cliff sides of Hokulia. Looking closely into the cliff side fronting a fiery red cinder hill we can see one of the many faces of Pele, the fire goddess looking out towards the sun set. Just around Keawekaheka point we enter Kealakekua Bay where the mo’olelo of Kalani’opu’u and James Cook started during a Makahiki and ended during an attempted kidnapping resulting in the death of Captain James Cook. Marine life conservation district Kealakekua Bay is one of Hawaii’s greatest reef snorkeling spots. At the end of our reef snorkel at Kealakekua Bay we share more history about the area over lunch. Then we head back to Honokohau harbor in deeper waters in search of ocean encounters with dolphins, manta rays, turtles, pilot whales, pygmy killer whales, whale sharks and other marine life.

E komo mai, join us on an adventure that will leave you with memories of Hawai'i and Big Islands Kona coastline for years to come and stories you will be sharing with all of your friends and family.